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Future Personal Automobile Service

Conventional Cars use SuperWay System for Area-wide Travel


Conventional Personal Car on Ferry

  • Automated SuperWay Travel
  • Electrically Powered by SuperWay
  • High-speed (65-mph/urban - 85-mph - commuter, 120-mph - intercity)
  • Fast SuperWay Entry & Exit
  • Driver Destination Control

Offers Easy Road Access

Drivers travel non-stop at high-speed in their own cars throughout the area

Toll and power use automatically charged via monthly billing

MegaWay enables users of conventional automobiles to use the high-speed, automated MegaWay system without any car modifications other than placement of a toll-tag type device with a keyboard in the car windshield.

Enhances Private Automobile Use

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Diagram of Conventional Automobile Ferry - Click for a Larger View

Cross-Sectional View of Personal Car on Ferry

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