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Eye-pleasing SuperWays

Low Visual Impact SuperWays Use Road Right of Way

Stainless-steel SuperWay enclosed wheelways present pleasant-looking rust-free appearance

MicroWay SuperWays consist of a pair of self-supporting 12-in wide by 34-in high stainless-steel wheelways bolted at 50-ft intervals to stainless-steel T-posts bolted to round concrete piers similar in size to light standard piers. The overall guide way width is only 76-inches. The nearly five-foot wide space between the wheelways is open except for 3-inch wide stainless-steel cross members at four-foot intervals and a open-mesh stainless-steel walkway to allow almost total penetration of sunlight so as to avoid large shadows on the ground.

From a ground level view, the wheelways have the appearance of two very small monorail beams.

SuperWays Use Road Right of Way

In the future, automobiles, transit vehicles &
cargo containers will share common guideway

Initial SuperWays carry manually-controlled passenger and cargo trains

  • Open space between wheelways minimizes light blockage to ground
  • Attractive stainless steel wheelways - No rusting
  • Small, open SuperWay - Similar to two small monorails

Enclosed wheelways assure, safe all-weather operation

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